Me. Right. Now.
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1. Danica Jean P. Okamoto
2. Spreading awesomeness for 21 years
3. Frustrated singer and director
4. Random dancer
5. former Football/Soccer player. Yeah, I play almost every sport, football is the top of the list
6. Afraid of heights and spiders
7. I’m OC.
8. Food photog (not Pro though)
9. I am so proud of my sexy curves
10. My family calls me Nica
11.  I have a really beautiful (inside and out) girlfriend
12. I celebrate 2 birthdays every year (aug28 and oct29)
13. I am into gadgets or any techie stuff
14. Computer geek since grade 3
15. Still playing Red Alert 2, Counter Strike and Battle Realms
16. Smoking and drinking since highscool
17. I never met my real father
18. Handsome-long-haired-butch (bwahahahahaha!)
19. Loves to try new things (getting out of comfort zone)
20. Proud lesbian since 1993
 (at Eastwood City)
Legit #yakisoba. I miss Japan. By that, I mean the foooooods!😋
For judgemental people yo! *bow*
Alcapone for breakfast (at J.Co Donuts and Coffee, Eastwood City)
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